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that the one who hasn't tasted Devin currant wine does not know what love is! :)
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About our wine

To many people in Slovakia the word 'ríbezlák' (Slovak informal name for currant wine)  certainly recalls the memories on their grandparents, who used to manufacture this beverage . In the minds of people there is still a tendency the currant wine to be seen as low-class, or at least inferior to wine grapes. This relates in particular because it is produced mostly at home for own consumption, which lackes a professional approach to manufacturing, which is sometimes reflected in the lower price and quality.

Here in Devin people began to produce ríbezlák in the early years of last century and its quality at the time acquired fans not only in Slovakia, but also far beyond our borders. Our goal is to revive this tradition and produce wine which quality is approaching the quality of popular grape wines. In addition to traditional sweet ríbezlák, our concept is to produce wines with lower sugar content - semi-sweet or semi-dry wines.

In our offer we have, of course, the traditional Devin currant wine - the one which has been being produced within living memory, and which is produced with a specific proportion of black and red currants. Less known is the wine from pure white currants Golden St. Urban (Zlatý sv. Urban), which has beautiful amber color. In addition to semi-sweet wines (Devin rose currant wine/
Devínske ríbezľové víno ružové and Devin black currant wine/Devínske ríbezľové víno čierne), in our offer we included dry wine made from pure blackcurrant Black St. Urban (Čierny sv.Urban) with a residual sugar 4g/liter which taste and wonderful aroma will positively surprise even those who otherwise do not tend to drink currant wines. Exceptional taste acquired by aging in oak barriques is reached in Devin St. Urban barrique, which is certainly unique and exclusive.

We will be glad if you'll love our wine and enjoy the moments you spend with it.

Augustín Mrázik


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