Did you know
that currant wine, just like grape wine, in small quantities cures almost all complaints?
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Our wines THEBENER are a natural product, without the addition of chemical stabilizers (except for sulfur dioxide). Since they are mostly sweet, it may cause secondary fermentation, especially in the case of improper or longer storage.

To prevent this, our wines have a high percentage of natural alcohol derived from the fermentation of wine - about 14.0 to 14.5%.

Wines are also stabilized by sulfur dioxide (max. 50% of the allowed dose), which should also facilitate protection against spoilage.

In order not to add chemistry to our wines and to let you to enjoy truly natural product, we provide our customers with full guarantee.

If you bring (or send) even open and unfinished bottle of wine THEBENER with which you are not satisfied for any reason, you get the same new bottle and a free gift extra. You need not to explain the cause of your dissatisfaction, but your reasons and the sample of the rest of the wine can help us to avoid any similar or potential problems in the future.

Otherwise, the haze of the bottle there is no problem - currant wine contains quite a high proportion of solids, natural cells - marrow.

Also, a bottle that "snaps" after its opening is mostly still safe and natural - essentially, it's a sparkling wine, in which carbon dioxide ( "bubbles") originated in a natural way as for the most expensive champagne.

But it is always essential whether you like your glass of wine and its taste and whether you are generally happy with it - if you're not, no comments and the bottle will be replaced.

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