Did you know
about the possibility of tasting the traditional black currant wine in the newly opened wine cellar straight under the Devin Castle?
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        It is said currants were planted in Devín on a larger scale after the end of the 19th century right after phylloxera (vine disease, plague) destroyed the extensive vineyards throughout Europe. In Devin there were vast orchards, especially of currants and apricots, which daily were shipped by boats to Vienna even until the dissolution of Austria-Hungary in 1918, when the border closed. There were nobody who would buy the currants harvest so the farmers let it dry up on the stem.
      In 1922 local resident Mr Alois Sonntag started mass production of black currant wine. He owned his own currant orchards, but mainly he engrossed them from local farmers, which was profitable for them to start to cultivate the currants again. Slovakia had several dozen customers - restaurants and pubs; it is said currant wine exported abroad, too. In addition to producing currant wine he produced also currant vermouth, which won the gold medal at an exhibition in Paris. Since then, Devin currant wine (ríbezlák) became a phenomenon known widely - far.

       After the nationalization, the agricultural cooperative of Devin took over the production of wine, which sold it well in their cellars in Karlova Ves and on Obchodná Street in the city centre.
      Recently, currant wine production has fallen (along with the decline of winiculture); only a few Devin habitants produces it only in small quantities for personal use.
      For that this tradition did not disappear, in 2007 we reestablished the production of Devin currant wine in collaboration with Mr. Otto Změlík, which has been devoting to its production for many years. And now Devin visitors have the opportunity to enjoy it right on the spot - under the Devin Castle in our cellar Devin Cellar of St. Urban (Devinska viecha Sv. Urbana).

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