Did you know
that blackcurrants are considered from all berries as most nutritious and healthiest for the human body, because fruits are rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and especially vitamin C?
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Pivnica-C-V1In our cozy cellar (in Slovak traditionally called "Viecha") we offer mainly traditional Devin ribezlak - currant wine from red, black but also white currants from Devínska Kobyla, which Devin has been known for a long time. This unique specialty almost disappeared and it is our goal to save and reestablish the tradition.

But you can taste also the grape wines from Devinska Kobyla range and the Small Carpathian region, as well as an excellent cup of coffee, tea and other refreshments.

In autumn and winter the cellar is wood-fired. In the summer months you can enjoy a pleasant summer terrace. Following the agreement in advance, we can provide tastings for individuals and large groups, meetings and celebrations for up to about 60 people (exterior) and about 20 people (interior), hot and cold buffet, roast goose or roast pig - as desired by the client.viecha-pocas-mvc

For bookings contact us via email to ochutnavky@devinsky-ribezlak.sk

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