Did you know
that currant wine, just like grape wine, in small quantities cures almost all complaints?
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What is a "viecha"?

ViechaIf you look around (not only in Devin, but also in Bratislava), it is difficult to find truly traditional "viecha" or winehouse. In doing so, just go a few miles into Austria and you can admire the dozens of open "viecha's" ("Heuriger", "Buschenschank" in German) in the cellars of old wine houses, which are operated by wine-growers themselves. Not only the winemakers, but all the inhabitants of the village, like to meet for a drink at the winemaker's, who has just put out the "viecha" - a green limb on a wooden pole above the gate ("Ausg'steckt is" in German). There is a waiting list among the local winemakers, who has the right to display a "viecha"  and sell  their own products (other than wine and snacks).

Jan Heriban - currant wine labelSimilarly, Devin has appeared in the recent past. Perhaps the last "viecha" in Devin that  I remember, was the Mr. Heriban's viecha, with a typical table and benches, where visitors sat in the bottle of currant wine. The old right of "viecha" is of course no londer working.

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