Did you know
about the possibility of tasting the traditional black currant wine in the newly opened wine cellar straight under the Devin Castle?
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Sunday | 12.02.2012

The government abolished the senseless act of excise duty on fruit wines, so again we can enjoy our "ribezlacik"! 

Saturday | 07.01.2012

After the introduction of excise duty on fruit wines, we were unfortunately forced to suspend the sale of our currant wine.

Tuesday | 18.01.2011

Let's come to taste our hot ribezlak, which we make only during winter!

Saturday | 30.10.2010

From 26th October we sale this year's novelty Port Dowina 2010 - special fortified (liqueur) wine from organically grown black currants, preserved only by natural alcohol, without the addition of SO2 and any other additives.

Saturday | 23.10.2010

From 19 - 20 November 2010 as the part of the Small Carpathian Wine Route our cellar will have the pleasure to welcome honorable guests from all over Slovakia on our currant and grape wines testing.

More about Small Carpathian Wine Route here >>

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