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that the one who hasn't tasted Devin currant wine does not know what love is! :)
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Tuesday | 18.01.2011

Let's come to taste our hot ribezlak, which we make only during winter!

Saturday | 30.10.2010

From 26th October we sale this year's novelty Port Dowina 2010 - special fortified (liqueur) wine from organically grown black currants, preserved only by natural alcohol, without the addition of SO2 and any other additives.

Saturday | 23.10.2010

From 19 - 20 November 2010 as the part of the Small Carpathian Wine Route our cellar will have the pleasure to welcome honorable guests from all over Slovakia on our currant and grape wines testing.

More about Small Carpathian Wine Route here >>

Friday | 15.10.2010

At Friday, 22.10.2010, we will combine pleasant and enjoyable within final appeareance of the exhibition of significant contemporary Slovak painter Dorothy Sadovská in area of Art Gallery Devin and will introduce this year's news - currant liqueur wine of Port's character - Dowina Porto.

Thursday | 15.07.2010

Have a look at the photogallery from the vintage on Devinska Kobyla. Photogallery  here >>

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